Asmita MD was born in Bogota, Colombia and worked as a pediatrician for ten years before she arrived at OSHO International Meditation Resort in Pune, India in October 1996 where she discovered meditation and new ways of seeing life.

From 2000, she participated and trained in the OSHO Meditative Therapies. She facilitates and trains these precious processes many times a year.

She has also been trained in OSHO Self-Hypnosis for Meditation, OSHO Active Meditations In-Depth, OSHO Active Meditations Facilitator Training, Aura-Soma, Cranio Sacral Biodynamics, Pre and Perinatal Therapy, Japanese Facial Massage, and OSHO Opening to the Heart course. She is also a certified OSHO Reiki Master.

Her work in her courses and sessions brings her and the participant to a space of “relaxation, awareness and non-doing” in other words to meditation.


Asmita’s Courses and Individual Sessions




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