Bela’s greatest passion is sharing primal work.

Bela knew she wanted to become a primal therapist after completing her own primal process in the early 90s. During this process she learned how early childhood conditioning strongly influences our ability to relate to people and she shares this understanding in the relationship and intimacy work she facilitates.
After coming into contact with Osho she also knew she wanted to learn, understand, and implement Osho’s vision in her work with people.

Her professional and skilled approach is grounded in her own growth process and meditation. The courses and sessions she facilitates are known for their depth and clarity, a place where people can feel free to be seen as they truly are.


Counseling Psychology
Primal/Regression Therapy
Relationship Counseling

Also experienced in:
Abandonment, Addictions, Anger Management, Attachment Issues, Career Counseling, Childhood Deconditioning, Childhood Trauma, Coaching, Commitment Issues, Emotional Release, Everyday Life Issues, Family Issues, Forgiveness, Grief, Guilt/Shame, Inner Child Therapy, Inner Critic/Judgments, Love/Dating/Conscious Relating, OSHO Active Meditations, Parenting Issues, Self-esteem Issues, Stress Release, Trauma Healing, Women’s Issues, Workplace Issues, Young Adult Issues.



“OSHO Primal Mirror is a powerful process where you can connect with your inner child. Bela created a safe environment through zoom where I was able to explore and be vulnerable in connecting with my inner child. I liked how the course was structured with a lovely balance of OSHO Active Meditations and activities to help me lift up the bonnet of my stuff and get closer to my essential self. I gained a deeper understanding of myself, while coming face to face with some painful truths in a compassionate way. I already feel a deeper sense of self-compassion and love. What I really love about Bela’s approach is how practical this process is. I came away with practical, achievable ways of keeping in contact with my little girl and being more present. Thank you so much Bela for this process. I want to shout from the rooftops to all who listen, do it, do this process! It will give you so much, more than you can ever imagine.”
Anand, HR Business Partner, Ireland

“Working with Bela in Primal Deconditioning sessions has been one of the best things I’ve done in years. It is especially appropriate for those who want to find themselves. I finally made peace with my childhood, understood how I want to live and how to move on. A life changing experience, as I was ready to let go. Bela gently guided me through the unsolved past.”
Florina, Leadership Coach, Germany

“Bela has been the most transformative and supportive aspect of my life. She probably saved my life. Unlike any kind of counseling you’ve ever encountered, she goes right to the true source of the issue and lovingly helps you see and understand it. I especially respect/appreciate her firmness with me when my ego/protective measures rise up against her. I needed that, as I didn’t want to see the truth, and the truth is the only thing that can set us free. Firm and loving, she is the perfect gift, and I truly believe that she cares. I’ve never met such an insightful, wise, loving person, and I will be grateful for her until my dying day. Anything I contribute to the world from here forth, in relationships, career, or simply in my presence, would not be available if she hadn’t saved me from myself. I cannot say enough…”
Tammy K., Sales Director, United States

Bela’s Courses and Individual Sessions



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