Devendra is a facilitator, trainer and coach in the areas of meditation and mindfulness, stress management, emotional wellness, communication, counseling, and other skills for conscious living, with more than 40 years of experience.

Devendra shares his work through workshops, seminars and sessions around the world including China, Vietnam, Russia, Europe and South America.

He is a trainer with in-depth understanding and his own experience of meditation, mindfulness, and his professional skills.

He is working with people from all walks of life from around the world. There is a maturity in his way of facilitating rightly, through the experience of working with such a variety of people.

He has been connected to Osho for more than 45 years which includes his work in publishing Osho’s books and audio-videos.

In addition to his courses and sessions, he is a public speaker, giving talks on meditation in India, China, Malaysia, Vietnam and other countries. He has been recognized with awards for his work including “Master of Wisdom” by Media Trust of India.


Meditation Techniques/Mindfulness

Also experienced in:
Anger Management, Body Tension Release, Breath Techniques, Coaching, Communication Issues, DeHypnosis for Meditation, Emotional Release, Everyday Life Issues, Hypnosis for Meditation, Hypnosis for Relaxation, Inner Skills for Work and Life, OSHO Active Meditations, Personal Development, Self-Hypnosis for Meditation, Stress Release, Workplace Issues.



“Thank you very much for the audio file of Osho Self-Hypnosis for Meditation. It downloaded perfectly. This course is one of the high points of my life. I find you, with your innate quietness and humility, a perfect facilitator for this meditation in depth. It cleans away all the dross that has gathered on the inner truth that everyone instinctively knows is there. Personally, I was also very happy to have the occasion to connect with you again. We don’t realize it at the moment, but these work connections are very precious, especially when everything goes so beautifully and smoothly as with you. I treasure that.”
Anuprada White, Musician, Facilitator, Netherlands

“I did OSHO Hypnosis for Meditation sessions with Devendra, he helped me to overcome a fear that I was dealing with and gave me very useful tips. He is a very kind and smart person, I recommend everyone to book a session with him!
May Sagiv, Israel

“I was very fortunate to have the incredible opportunity to learn from Devendra a facilitator of OSHO Active Meditation, Breath: Emotional Wellness Workshops and Coaching session. During 5 days of the workshops and the coaching session, I found him very pure, calm and at the same time very humorous, heartfelt and caring. He has simple and natural ways of approaching to instruct and encourage participants to do their best, to give all they have to get amazing results. I myself was not only healed by him but also learnt from him great lessons of Totality, Love and Meditation. I am so blessed. Highly appreciate your care, my warm hearted facilitator Devendra!”
Uyen Vu, Health Coach, Vietnam

Devendra’s Courses and Individual Sessions



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