Maneesha’s sessions – on meditation, all life-related issues and those around dying – are based on her over 47 years’ experience of meditation. In addition, she spent seven years in Osho’s evening meetings (“darshan”), observing and recording his conversations with seekers from all over the world. This unique opportunity provided her with a passion for experimenting with meditative techniques and was also an invaluable learning in responding to a vast range of issues from a meditative perspective.

The experience of twenty-five years as an international, meditation-based, course facilitator continues to broaden her understanding, love, and respect for those she works with.

In addition, as a qualified psychotherapist, she has gained an added awareness of the human psyche, along with skills in creating rapport and supporting her clients in finding their way to clarity and understanding.


Counseling Psychology
Meditation Techniques/Mindfulness
OSHO Bardo

Also experienced in:
Anger Management, Death Related Issues, Everyday Life Issues, Grief, OSHO Active Meditations, Self-esteem Issues, Stress Release, Workplace Issues.



“I have had both individual sessions and been a participant in courses lead by Maneesha. In our one-on-one work her relaxed presence held me in a safe space, which allowed me to intimately explore my own issues. Her presence gave me the capacity to have compassion for myself. Maneesha truly embodies an unconditional, loving awareness laced with wisdom, truth and beauty. Within the group process I still remember Maneesha’s ability to embrace everyone in the group equally. I have been involved in many courses over the past thirty years, with many group leaders, and Maneesha’s courses are at the very top of my list for the quality, intention, care and understanding that she shares so abundantly.”
Rajan, United Kingdom

“I was translator for the many sessions Maneesha conducted in Japan. It was a unique and precious experience. Clients came with different reasons and needs – such a diversity. With each one she was just there with a clear presence, open and joyfully listening to them and then often suggesting a meditation technique or method as needed. The suggestions were all very simple and basic, yet clearly going amazingly deep, which looked quite magical. Her trust in her clients and in existence is absolute. Even with challenging clients she was so relaxed and unhesitatingly able to cut through the mental cobwebs. Sometimes the three of us had tears of joy and gratitude. What a blessing! Thank you for this wonderful opportunity.”
Ajita, Japan

“To me Maneesha is a gem, a rare person who still continues Osho’s work, for which I am grateful. I worked on my relationship with my parents, especially with my father. Maneesha was very kind and loving, listening to me patiently, asking questions which helped me to see what it was that was unconsciously prodding me into anger, hatred etc. Maneesha genuinely felt for me and followed up with me even from Australia. This really helped me immensely as I needed this attention during that time. Something has changed in the way I relate with my parents. I feel unburdened as somehow, mysteriously, I am openly communicating my deeper processes to my parents. This has helped me go deeper in my meditation in my life and to stand up for myself.”
Satya Subod, India

Maneesha’s Courses and Individual Sessions



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