Radha is a relationship coach and meditation facilitator.

At the core of her work is an understanding that all the struggles we experience in our relationships point to parts of ourselves which we perceive as deficient. These parts need to be seen, understood and loved. Once understanding happens, we stop relating from a sense of lack of and start relating from an overflow of love, joy, empathy, zest for life which makes it easy for us to connect with new people or to repair long-standing relationships.

Radha guides people through this journey, situation by situation, but ultimately, she knows from her own experience that it is meditation that does the healing for us. Meditation creates the inner atmosphere we need for the deeper truth of our relationships to be revealed to us.
She is also a certified OSHO Active Meditation facilitator.


Relationship Counseling

Also experienced in:
Abandonment, Attachment Issues, Commitment Issues, Communication Issues, Family Issues, Forgiveness, Guilt/Shame, Inner Critic/Judgments, Love/Dating/Conscious Relating, OSHO Active Meditations, Self-esteem, Workplace Issues.



“My work with Radha has transformed both my relationships with others and with self. She is very gentle in her holding and I always felt safe. Nevertheless, the work we’ve done together went extremely deep and she has done a great job in leading me to the cause of the issue while creating the right pathway for the solution to unfold. After each session I came out with clear items to focus on or to observe further. We had clear objectives from the beginning and each session was building on the other. We worked as much as was needed, and I will definitely go back to her whenever I will feel I need some support in navigating different situations in my life.”
Janina, Romania

“When my relationship came to an end, I knew there were still feelings between us, but we couldn’t find the way to reach each other anymore. Words seemed to betray us. Working with Radha, I was able to see our relationship through my partner’s eyes and felt flooded with understanding and love. I realized how important it is to speak without blame and got the tools to do things differently. We’ve come back together and it’s so good to see that we can talk things through and that our love, while it has changed color, feels deeper.”
Tudor, Romania

“Radha helped me deal with the wounds I was left with from the ending of a long-standing, deep love relationship. I was feeling betrayed, humiliated, abandoned and with gentleness and compassion, she helped me move to being open again, to receiving love in my life. If you’re seeking to bring peace and love in your life, I wholeheartedly recommend Radha. She can be your strongest yet gentlest ally.”
Diana, Switzerland

Radha’s Courses and Individual Sessions



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