Sambhavo is a therapist from Italy with a master’s degree and a PhD in clinical psychology. He was a lecturer and researcher in psychology at the University of Florence from 1994 to 2000.

His passion for human potential and self-discovery drew him to oriental philosophy, meditation, and psychology from a young age.

He has traveled all over the world to be trained in the most effective therapies available, including Short-Term Therapy, Group Dynamic, body-oriented Trauma Therapy and Psychodynamic.

Over the past decades he has offered regular one to one therapy sessions and courses such as OSHO Opening to Self-Love, OSHO Inner Judge, OSHO Opening to Intimacy, OSHO Tantra, AFH – The OSHO Freedom Process and the Path of Love.

His longing for truth never subsides; he constantly searches, explores, and works on himself, experiencing new methods, approaches, and self-development processes.

As a professional therapist, he is a member of A.P.A. American Psychological Association, the E.F.P.A. European Federation Psychologists Associations, and the I.T.A. International Transpersonal Association.

Perhaps more important than all of his experience and background, Sambhavo is an Osho therapist with the understanding that the ultimate healing for clients is in the silence of the heart.

He currently offers meditations, sessions for both singles and couples, and courses in English, Italian and Spanish.


Counseling Psychology
Energy Healing
Relationship Counseling
Trauma Resolution

Also experienced in:
Abandonment, Addictions, Anger Management, Attachment Issues, Body Tension Release, Childhood Deconditioning, Childhood Trauma, Coaching, Commitment Issues, Communication Issues, Compassion Fatigue, Connecting with your Creativity, Death Related Issues, Emotional Release, Everyday Life Issues, Family Issues, Forgiveness, Grief, Guilt/Shame, Inner Child Therapy, Inner Critic/Judgments, Inner Man, Inner Woman, Love/Dating/Conscious Relating, Men’s Issues, OSHO Active Meditations, Parenting Issues, Patterns/Phobias, Self-esteem Issues, Stress Release, Tantra Energy Counseling, Trauma Healing, Women’s Issues, Workplace Issues, Young Adult Issues.



“The individual sessions with Sambhavo led me to a deep inner journey with myself. It was overall a skillful and compassionate guidance into my body, mind and spirit. I was able to observe my stormy painful landscapes as well as beautiful and powerful ones recognizing them as mine with a growing ability to connect and integrate them. This integration enabled me to significantly change in the ways I respond to people, clients and events in my life. I can say today with certainty that this personal journey led me to live my life more authentically, with less pain and suffering and much more joy.”
Sarita Grof, Psychoanalyst and Child Therapist, Israel

“I have been having therapy for 10 years – psychoanalysis, Gestalt, as well as life coaching, healing, anything to understand myself better so I could function more healthily in life and love. But something always felt amiss… as if I was not getting to the “core” of my issues. That is, until I began working with Sambhavo. Instantly, I felt he saw me, understood me, and could get straight to the core. He is extremely intuitive and empathetic. It’s like he is feeling into your body, your wounds, and guiding you from the inside out, rather than what I have experienced with other therapists, being examined from the outside like a case study. I feel a lot of trust with him holding the space, and I come out of every session with a much deeper understanding of myself, and I can take these valuable insights into daily life to continue my own healing process. I feel very grateful to have met a therapist and therapy like this that guide me through this transformative period of my life. I felt like I had hit a wall and was struggling to find the right help and feeling disheartened. Since this new inner work, my journey has taken a much more fulfilled and empowered direction, and I’m very excited to keep going!”
SJ Lu, Actress, United Kingdom

Sambhavo’s Courses and Individual Sessions


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