Vayu brings a strong background of meditation and introspection to her work as an astrologer. She has been supporting people to recognize their essential nature for the past 25 years with her chart readings which have a strong focus on the “Dark Moon”.

For Vayu, astrology is a method that can support the search in life. Her consultations give a broader picture of the influences in your life and how best to move forward. She has experience working with adult, adolescent, and children’s horoscopes. Issues you can bring up can have different subjects, on Work- Relating- your Essence, Qualities – Childhood issues, or any subject which you like to have a closer look at and get more understanding. Together we look at your birth chart and see what is going on from the moment you are born. We also look at the transits which tell you more about the moment. Astrology can help you to understand the process you are in at the moment and gives you more understanding and clarity.

Personal Growth, Self-Discovery
Relationship, Family Issues
Purpose, Self-Expression, Intuition

Counseling Psychology
Esoteric Sciences

• Astrology
• Coaching
• Counseling
• Holistic massage
• Budget coach
• Social work

Also experienced in:
Astrology/Horoscope, Career Counseling, Coaching, Communication Issues, Connecting with your Creativity, Everyday Life Issues, Family Issues, Love/Dating/Conscious Relating, Workplace Issues, Young Adult Issues.



“I have the highest respect and regard for Vayu. She is well educated in Astrology and has years of experience creating charts and interpreting them. But more than that she is a deeply respectful and loving human being. Every reading I have had with her has supported me to look passed my question and see a bigger picture.”
Tarika Glubin, MA/PSY, The Netherlands

“I have appreciated much Vayu’s help. She has a great expertise in astrology. By reading my birth chart, she gave clarity on what my qualities are, and how I better could take care of myself in order to improve my degree of happiness in the difficult time I am going through currently. Vayu’s insight was really an eye opener and gave me the insurance that I could handle more consistently to improve my life. I am grateful for that.”
Danielle Lapouille, MA/French Literature, France

“I have known Vayu for 15 years as an experienced and above all very good astrologer. The sessions always give me insight into feelings, situations, different issues and help me to look at things with a new open mind. The sessions give me more space and freedom. They help me to be more aware of patterns and how they affect my life. I enjoyed the sessions a lot!”
Peter Jansen, The Netherlands

Vayu’s Courses and Individual Sessions



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