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Veet Mano first came to Osho in 1978 and since then has been fully immersed in the OSHO Active Meditations and OSHO courses. He now shares the meditations and courses around the world through his OSHO Institute for Emotional Balance and Meditation.

Veet Mano especially loves work connected with the emotions – he sees it as a delicate, step by step process which can unlock hidden love, playfulness and other energies in a person’s heart.

Based on his experience with many kinds of emotional therapy work and Osho meditations, Veet Mano has developed a series of OSHO Emotional Freedom courses and individual sessions. These support people to become free from repressed emotions and different kinds of active and frozen traumas, and to find space for more love and harmony. The courses and individual work which he offers support participants to develop themselves, while also serving as a bridge to meditation.

Veet Mano has many years of experience sharing the OSHO Meditative Therapies: OSHO No-Mind, OSHO Born Again and OSHO Mystic Rose. He also facilitates the OSHO Active Meditations: In-Depth and OSHO Active Meditations Facilitator Training and is a trainer for OSHO Mystic Rose.

He has completed the following trainings: OSHO Therapist Training, OSHO Breath Training, OSHO Pulsation Training and OSHO Core Integration Training for Work with Deep Spinal Tissue.


Centering/Grounding Techniques

Also experienced in:
Abandonment, Addictions, Anger Management, Attachment Issues, Body Tension Release, Childhood Trauma, Coaching, Communication Issues, Compassion Fatigue, Connecting with your Creativity, Emotional Release, Energy Healing/Chakras, Everyday Life Issues, Family Issues, Forgiveness, Grief, Guilt/Shame, Inner Critic/Judgments, OSHO Active Meditations, Parenting Issues, Patterns/Phobias, Self-esteem Issues, Stress Release, Trauma Healing, Workplace Issues, Young Adult Issues.


“Emotional release work gave me the biggest support in meditation. I did emotional release work for two years facilitated by Veet Mano starting with the OSHO Mystic Rose course in Pune. And then I did online OSHO Emotional Freedom and Stress Release sessions and online seminars for two years. I got through emotional crashes many times with emotional release work, especially in the individual OSHO Emotional Freedom and Stress Release sessions. I fear much, felt desperate, lonely, hopeless, there was no hope and future for me, after an OSHO Emotional Freedom and Stress Release session, I quickly felt more energy and happy again, inner trust was built, there was light in my life. I was getting stronger and more stable, changing my negative attitude to positive ones. I am more aware, and it’s not so easy to lose myself in emotions. I am very grateful for emotional release work. It enlightens my life and gives me the courage to keep going with meditation. My experience taught me that emotional release work is the essential step to meditation. I am so happy there are many people who realize it and work with me together.”
Juicy Zhang, China

“There are few people I hold in higher esteem than my friend Veetmano. He has spent his life aligned in spirit through his connection with Osho and has devoted his excellence to unlocking the spirits and bodies of thousands of people. I am one of those. I just completed a 7-day course with him in Kazakhstan. I am flying now with the energy unlocked from my body and free of a lot of the pain (physical and emotional) which have long haunted me. In particular my neck was so frozen that I could barely turn it right and left and could not look up at all. What an amazing extraordinary change just to look up! I cannot recommend Veetmano enough. I live in Mexico but journeyed to Kazakhstan to benefit from his excellence. If you are in Pune while he is there, do yourself a favor and book a session.”
Amrit Zahiro (Robert Baines), Mexico

“It was really eye opening to learn and become aware of my emotions in Veet Mano´s Emotional Freedom course; to see how much I’ve been suppressing emotions and to see my anger which I had not allowed myself, either to feel or show. I came to Veet Mano´s course feeling very depressed. After doing emotional release and OSHO Active Meditations I felt a connection with my body; It was such a different feeling, so strong, present, I felt something had shifted in me. In his sessions Veet Mano gives very practical advice; teaching meditation, techniques to release suppressed emotions, giving advice on healthy living and eating and sharing his care and love. Using his intuition and intelligence to help people as much as he can. I really feel Veet Mano´s love and care, his simplicity, and wisdom.”
Deva Lokita (Brenda Randroo Oja), Estonia

Veet Mano’s Courses and Individual Sessions



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