Yuhan has facilitated yoga, meditation, dance therapy, and sound healing around the world for the past 10 years. Her journey began with Tibetan Buddhism and has led her down many different paths including yoga, tantra, bodywork, and hypnosis. In recent years, she shares Kundalini Yoga, Sound Healing for Deep Relaxation, and Chakra Dance to support students awaken their life energy.

When she first came to OSHO International Meditation Resort in Pune, she found it to be the perfect place to combine the most transformative elements of Eastern mysticism and Western psychology.
She has since completed the OSHO® Active Meditation Facilitator Training and OSHO® Hypnosis Facilitator Training. She continues to dive deeply into her practice and only shares healing methodologies that have given her a quantum leap in her own journey.

If you’re looking for a facilitator to support you recalibrate and reconnect with your own innate wisdom, Yuhan’s sessions create a safe space that will support you to re-align yourself with your highest potential.


Centering/Grounding Techniques
Energy Healing
Meditation Techniques/Mindfulness

Also experienced in:
Body Tension Release, Energy Healing/Chakras, Hypnosis for Life Issues, OSHO Active Meditations, Stress Release, Yoga.



“Yuhan’s voice was very peaceful, gentle and, powerful, guiding me on my hypnotic journey, healing what was meant to be healed. Words cannot describe how she has helped me and transformed my life.”
Jasmine, Nepal

“I met Yuhan at her Chakra Dance workshop where I experienced a deep meditative state, one that I had never experienced before. Through dance dynamics and sound healing, I felt supported, nourished, and my energy felt awakened. I honor each unique session with Yuhan, that allowed me to see different aspects of myself that I was hiding from. Super grateful and I wholeheartedly recommend her sessions to anyone.”
Bobo, China

“Taking a yoga class with Yuhan is a high-quality enjoyment. She is one of the most professional and dedicated yoga teachers I know. She provides exercises tailored to the needs of her students; each session brings a deeper level of healing and inspiration. I highly recommended her work for anyone at any level of practice.”
Yi, Morocco

Yuhan’s Courses and Individual Sessions



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