OMG !!!

What a powerful course!
And I needed that so much. Just got out of surgery, in a lot of physical pain and emotional trauma I really appreciated Turiya ‘s nurturing love. Meeting regularly for the entire week I could feel the support from other participants even if we were not talking to each others. My body healed rapidly. The most important thing for me is the transformation from victim to master, fully enjoying the resonance through out my body, through out every aspects of my life.
Thank you !thank you !thank you!

Passion, energy and professionalism

The passion and professionalism I found during the course OSHO No-Mind 3-9 March 2023 were absolutely encouraging in continuing a new journey: an uplifting, enlightening journey in the mystery of life.
.. we will all walk each other home and I will hold this experience tight in my heart.

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