discover new dimension about anger, wonderful experience with this course.

It was a wonderful session, a new dimension opened regarding anger and I am more aware now. I have discovered a new aspect, that anger has triggers and that ultimately, whatever is inside me as emotion comes to the surface when triggers happen.
The beautiful methods you have shown to me to watch anger has definitely changed my life. Thanks a lot Maneesha for giving me these insights about anger. Looking forward to more from you in the future.

Absolutely “magic” was the experience

Absolutely “magic” was the experience for a certain topic or an inner question to draw a tarot card. … it was so heart-opening and alive, it took us out of a certain “lethargy” very quickly. I was just amazed what came to light and I wish for all my friends to experience something like that too.

The group went in a

The group went in a very light, loving and caring atmosphere. Effortlessly as the process brought unexpected insight of my life situation. I could feel how my breathing naturally opened more easier and deeper… It opened new ways of perception, new visions become available. Feeling of easy movement from within.

I entered Primal Mirror open

I entered Primal Mirror open minded and hoped to find some clarity. During the 3-days I got though much more clarity on several things, also by listening to the stories of others. I noticed I also look differently, with more softness to other people. It is beautiful to see everyone opening more, Bela knows how to point everyone in the right direction. I got so much closer to my little girl, she is beautiful the way she is.
If everyone in the world would do this course, it would be a better place 🙂

I have gained a lot

I have gained a lot of clarity on my current situation, and I feel as if a few weights have lifted since we finished the course. I feel that a part of me has come home, and that life doesn’t feel as overwhelming and difficult as before.
I feel that you have guided me to see a few doors that were waiting to be opened by me and I was kind of blind to them. Thank you for your gentleness, openness, and guiding light.

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