A fundamental experience

It was a fundamental experience. In a friendly and supportive environment, the course facilitator Satsavya guided me and several other students through simple discoveries of my body. I experienced a significant difference in the feeling of my body in a new way. This new way is the way of how body should feel from the beginning of its life. I will integrate this experience forever! Thank you 😊

A profound experience

Very gentle yet strong guidance from the host of the course gave me courage and confidence to dive deep in the experience of the TRE technique. It empowered trust in myself. Thank you.

OSHO Loving Yourself

Kimaya in a soft way has brought depth to the work. In the short time together, I got insights which allowed me to heal wounds from the past, let go of stories and come back to the present time to myself. So much value. Thank you

Yours joyfully…

Beloved Amrito,
Active meditation techniques have worked wonders for me in the past few years so that I could let out my repressed emotions and use that energy to be blissful. But I have always struggled with how to live with right-mindfulness in day-to-day life and especially at work. Thank you so much for this course which has made that right-mindfulness possible in a playful and juicy way. I loved the content, presentation, and timing of the course and heartfully recommend it to everyone who is seeking deepening meditation in their day-to-day routine life – joyfully.
Yours joyfully,

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