Do that! Do this amazing course.

I did my first primal process many years ago, and I can also tell those who have already done it, to do this course with Bela again.
Her knowledge of the inner child is so accurate, profound and honest that anyone can get something out of the course with her that is indescribable in words and so valuable that, at the end of the course, the only thing you will want to do… is to do it again and again!
Meeting my inner child finally gave me the ability to relax that I never, ever had. Only the encounter with this vulnerable and innocent part can give us what we all seek: peace, grounding, softness, love for ourselves.
Thank you Bela, thank you Osho international for this opportunity to work on such a delicate subject online but with the same care and effectiveness as in-presence courses.

An interesting experience

A very rich and interesting experience, completely unexpected and I can say that it gave me working ideas. The idea for a sequel was born spontaneously. I think it will be useful.
Many thanks to Sadhana

Joyful voice activation

The course was beautiful and joyful and a great reminder of the power of our voices, of singing, of humming to not only heal us, but to also charge us with life energy and bring us joy and excitement to life. Please do an advanced version of it where we meet once a week or a month as a continuation to the voice journey and to deepen it. Thank you

Very good base to balance your inner energy and gain clarity

I have loved every second of this course! It has been so intense, every minute has been full of meaning. Absolutely enlightening and I would also do it again! Bela was a perfect, a passionate and very caring facilitator for each participant. Radha, the organizer was also a wonderful presence. Absolutely recommended to everyone, in particular for those wishing to gaining awareness of deepest patterns around relating. Laila.


I would like to strongly recommend this course to everyone! Bela, our facilitator showed her expertise, kindness and empathy towards all the participants, guiding us in understanding our relationships, how to heal our relationship “wounds” and guiding our relating with our inner child. I was honored to be part of the course where many techniques and tools were used to support me, hone my spiritual path, and that will surely help me in the future. Thank you.

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