Very beautiful: profound yet light.

Very beautiful: profound yet light. Maneesha and Sudheer guided us wonderfully in meditations, discussions and what a privilege to hear the stories of others and share that witnessing space with them. It’s become easier to speak normally with friends and family about conscious dying and a friend here is organising a dinner party for people to discuss and make out their advanced care directives together!

just completed the Osho Bardo

I enjoyed this training very much. It was spaced out with weekend modules once a month over a 5 month period, this worked very well into my schedule. The online format works great. Each module was well thought out, informative, interesting and very helpful to me, especially when being with a dying person. It also addressed a lot of my questions about my own dying process as well as the one in support of a dying person. The training has the right combination of guided meditations, experiential sharings, teachings and supportive materials (audio, video, notes and bibliography). I’ve been wanting to do this training for many years and when it was offered online I jumped on the opportunity. Maneesha and Sudheer are simply fabulous. It was very enriching and rewarding, and I would recommend it to anyone who is interested in the topic of death and meditation. I learned a lot.

The training has expanded my

The training has expanded my vision and specially my feeling about our Eternal and One nature. It is a great gift to be able to have deep conversation with a wonderful group about something most people prefer not to talk about.
To sustain the concentration for a few months on death and analyzing from many different angles is immensely valuable. I feel more alive than ever!
With gratitude to Maneesha and Sudheer

Living OSHO Bardo

The online Bardo Training presents an exceptional opportunity for me to deepen my experience and understanding of Osho’s vision on living and dying, through the love, heart, and years of experience shared by Maneesha and Sudheer. They created a space where I could explore myself, learn from others and and be guided on a variety of subjects and meditations. I will use this experience for myself and to help or assist others in their proces of dying and death. To share that with people from all over the world, different backgrounds and cultures is a true exploration.

Testimonial OSHO Bardo Online Training with Maneesha and Sudheer

What a profound course, rich in Osho’s vision, insights and meditations! Maneesha and Sudheer are experienced and loving facilitators of this process. The discussion and sharing with other group participants from all over the world was also invaluable.
I was in a period of transition in my life and this online course was of tremendous support. As well, I now feel much more equipped to support myself and others practically and lovingly in the process of dying/death.
This remembrance of living and dying in each moment has brought an intensity, totality and sacred depth to my life. Much gratitude.

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