Do not miss the course.

Do not miss the course. I found this course very profound and energizing. The tutor was excellent and guide us to understand more your body and how we can calm it with different exercises of relaxation.
I really appreciate her know how and I am sure it will bring me excellent results after it.

A fundamental experience

It was a fundamental experience. In a friendly and supportive environment, the course facilitator Satsavya guided me and several other students through simple discoveries of my body. I experienced a significant difference in the feeling of my body in a new way. This new way is the way of how body should feel from the beginning of its life. I will integrate this experience forever! Thank you 😊

A profound experience

Very gentle yet strong guidance from the host of the course gave me courage and confidence to dive deep in the experience of the TRE technique. It empowered trust in myself. Thank you.

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