The course has been eye-opener

Very good course. I never realized how much my mind was constantly running until now. This is such a valuable technique for moving away from the chaos of my thoughts and towards inner peace. I feel more relaxed and centered already.

I never quite understood the

I never quite understood the source of my anger or how to resolve it. The concept of gibberish as a tool to express emotions is very liberating. It was like breaking free from the shackles of my own thoughts and simply allowing raw emotions to flow. I’m grateful for this experience.

The course was an eye-opener

The course was an eye-opener for me. My mind never seems to stop racing. But this course changed everything. I’ve learned a practical technique to quieten the mind and experience relaxation.

My older one

My older one used to have tantrums and misbehave. He was competing for attention with his younger brother who is 7 months old. We didn’t know very well how to manage it. Now, I spend time with him just being present as you have suggested. I have observed that he is now calmer. His tantrums are now very rare and he is showing more affection for his little brother.
My mother-in-law is visiting us, and she doesn’t know that I’m doing this. Today she came and said, “I’m noticing the kid (the older one) is calmer, haven’t you? Has something happened? Maybe he is growing up.” 🙂

Passion, energy and professionalism

The passion and professionalism I found during the course OSHO No-Mind 3-9 March 2023 were absolutely encouraging in continuing a new journey: an uplifting, enlightening journey in the mystery of life.
.. we will all walk each other home and I will hold this experience tight in my heart.

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