For me, the course is

For me, the course is about getting to know and living a completely new depth of myself. I have a feeling that another layer has dissolved, that was limiting me and my freedom. The state of the body has changed: sensitivity, relaxation, lightness have increased. In relationships with people – all the time something is moving. With some I had to part, with others, on the contrary, there was a great intimacy. And at the same time there is consistency and presence. In general, everything in my life has become very lively. Many thanks to Sudheer for being there !!!

The course with Sudheer was

The course with Sudheer was for me treatment, study and joy at the same time. When I started, I just wanted to be again in the Sudheer space, let myself to be guided by him in the incredible depth of meditation and investigate on this way the topic of death. Now I’m recognizing how much these four month changed me. Moving through crises with gentle support of Sudheer and the group, I strengthened my steadiness, fought my fears, reached internal spaces I’d never been before and melted many times in the delightful experience of guided meditation.

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