Uncover the essential you and discover the way out of the traps of the ego through this combination of astrology, modern psychology and Osho’s enlightened insights.

Osho Explains:

“Cosmic chemistry says that the entire cosmos is a body. Nothing in it stands alone, all things are joined together. …

“Those who know astrology deeply say that the stars do not cast their influence over a child, just because it is born at six o’clock in the morning. No, rather, the child chooses to be born under those stars which will influence him as he wishes to be influenced. This is a radically different thing….

“Every soul chooses its own time of conception; chooses when it will accept a womb, at which moment. The moment of conception is not insignificant: it raises the significant question of what sort of possibilities the universe opens the door to at that moment, in what condition the entire universe exists at that moment….

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Osho Continues:

“Astrology says that although we may not be aware of the cause, whatever happens on this earth is not uncaused. Astrology says that the shape which the future takes cannot be isolated from the past, but must be connected to it: what you become tomorrow is connected to what you are today; what you were until today is connected to what you will be tomorrow. Astrology is a very scientific way of thinking. It maintains that the future will emerge only out of the past: your today has emerged out of your yesterday, and your tomorrow will emerge out of your today.

“The flower is calling out to the bud to become a flower – it is exercising a pull. The past is behind, the future is ahead. Now, in the present moment, there is a bud: the entire past is pushing the bud to become a flower, and the entire future is calling the bud to become a flower….

“Science is the investigation of the cause of everything that exists today. Astrology is the investigation of the effect of everything that exists today….

“Astrology investigates many things. It does not unnecessarily struggle against whatever is to be. It does not demand or reach out toward whatever is not to be. It lends a cooperative hand to whatever is inevitable.

“Astrology is a means for making man religious, for bringing him to suchness, for bringing him to an ultimate acceptance….

“Life is a whole. If you can perceive this wholeness you will understand astrology, otherwise you will not.”

“Scientists use the word empathy, meaning shared sensitivity: things that are born from the same source have a form of shared inner experience…. “If we understand this empathy rightly, we can enter one dimension of astrology….

“Astrology says there are energy fields around us which are continuously influencing us….

“When a child is conceived in the mother’s womb, this is the first exposure of the child. On the day the child is born there is a second exposure. These two exposures are registered upon the sensitive mind of the child, as if on film. The world as it is at that moment is imprinted upon the child, and so there is an empathy in the child for the world as it is at that moment….

“Ninety-nine percent of astrologers are just bluffing under the name of astrology. Only one percent knows that astrology is a vast subject, so vast that you can only enter it hesitatingly – they will not dogmatically assert that an event is definitely going to happen…. “Astrology can be divided into three parts….

“The first part is the essence, in which no changes can be made. When it is known, cooperating with it is the only way. Religions have devised astrology in order to know and decipher this essential destiny. The semi-essential part of astrology is such that we can change our lives if we know about it, otherwise not. If we do not know, then whatsoever is going to happen will happen; if we know, there are alternatives to choose between. There is a possibility of transformation if the right choice is made. The third, nonessential, part is just the periphery, the outer surface. There is nothing essential in it, everything is circumstantial….

“Something essential in your life and that of the universe is connected, is in a rhythmic harmony that the whole world is participating in. You are not alone….

“The name of this interconnecting cosmic relationship is astrology….

“Astrology can become a tool in your hands only if you distinguish the essential from the nonessential….

“So there are three areas of life. In the essential core, everything is predetermined – to know this is to know the essence of astrology. On the periphery everything is uncertain – to know this is to know the everyday, unpredictable world. The other area is in the middle – by knowing this, a person can save himself from trying the impossible, and can do what is possible. If a person lives in the peripheral and middle areas in such a way that he begins to move toward the center, he will become religious. But if he lives in such a way that he is never able to move toward the center, his life will remain irreligious….

“We are the outstretched hands of the sun, that the Earth is born of the sun and we are born of the Earth, that we are not separate, but all united. We are branches and leaves that have spread out from the sun. Whatsoever happens at the core of the sun will vibrate and spread throughout and within one’s being, through every cell and nerve. If we can understand this properly, we will realize that we are one family on this planet. Then there is no need to live encaged within ego and pride.

“Sometimes, as we ride a big wave, we are under the illusion that we are something special, and we forget about the big wave. And this big wave is also riding upon the ocean of which we are completely unaware. If the ocean disappears below it, the wave will disappear and we will also disappear. We only become unhappy about the possibility of our disappearance because, without any reason, we have contrived to be happy through our belief in our own separate existence.

“When an attitude arises in which we realize that we are only a fraction of the great design of existence, there will be no unhappiness. “And when neither happiness nor unhappiness remains, we enter the world of reality – the essential – where there is bliss. Astrology then becomes the door to bliss.

“If we look at astrology as a melting of our pride, or a disintegration of the ego, then astrology becomes religion….

“I call someone religious who is at rest within the cosmic circular movement of the universe. Someone is religious who knows that universal forces are at work and there is no hurry; that hurry is of no use. If we can simply be one with the universal harmony, that is enough, and it is blissful.

“I have told you some things about astrology. If you understand these things, then astrology can become a door to spiritual attainment.”

Abridged from Osho, Astrology, Superstition, Blind Faith, or a Door to the Essential



Whatever happens in the body, effects the mind. The mind is ephemeral, while the body is solid, in your hands – is your hands. Naturally, it is simpler and easier to begin with the body, knowing that the mind will also be changed in the process. Whenever you bring awareness to the body, you are enhancing the same awareness that you will then be able to bring to the mind, and then to the emotions.

Osho Explains:

“The body and the mind are not separate – they are together, a body-mind; it is psychosomatic. The mind and the body are one. The mind is the most subtle part of the body and the body is the most gross part of the mind. In other words, they are not two different things. That’s why whatever happens in the body is echoed in the mind, and whatever happens in the mind has its effects on the body. If the mind is sick the body will not remain healthy for long, and if the body is sick then the mind will not be healthy for long. The message is passed between the two and has an effect on both. That’s why people who learn how to keep the mind healthy automatically understand how to keep the body healthy. They don’t have to work on it, they don’t have to make any effort.”  Osho



Osho Explains:

“The surface is bound to be disturbed, nothing is wrong in it. And if you can be rooted in the center, the disturbance on the surface will become beautiful it will have a beauty of its own. If you can be silent within, then all the sounds without become musical. Then nothing is wrong; it becomes a play. But if you don’t know the inner core, the silent center, if you are totally identified with the surface, you will go mad. And everyone is almost mad.

“All religious techniques, techniques of yoga, meditation, Zen, are basically to help you to be again in contact with the center; to move within; to forget the periphery; to leave the periphery for a time being and to relax into your own being so deeply that the outer disappears completely and only the inner remains. Once you know how to move backwards, how to step down into yourself, it is not difficult. It becomes as easy as anything. But if you don’t know, if you know only the mind clinging to the surface, it is very difficult. Relaxing into one’s self is not difficult: non-clinging to the surface is.”

Osho, The Book of Secrets, Talk #71 – Forget the Periphery



Explore the factors preventing you from reaching a state of well-being: stress, depression, loss, unfulfilled potential, fatigue, sadness, lack of inspiration, frustration, addiction. These are all emotional conflicts that finally can be repressed no longer.

Emotions are the body’s way to letting us know something is happening and needs us to take care. Because we are taught to “control” our emotions, they are then repressed and hidden away, so when they do erupt, we have no idea how best to take care. So, the first step is to simply allow them to be expressed in a safe supportive environment. Then only can we start to know what exactly they are telling us, and how best to respond. If they are not acknowledged and understood, they fester and seek other forms of expression, which are just bound to be less natural, and more destructive.

The mind is easy to condition, but not the heart. Instead our feelings and emotions are dismissed, devalued, we are persuaded to ignore them, repress them – and they end up hidden in the unconscious. That energy remains there, waiting for the chance let go. Then, one day they explode.

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Osho Explains:

“There is no division in the flow of consciousness. It is only as a result of repression that there is a division between the conscious and the unconscious. It is important first to see this rightly.

“When a child is born its consciousness is one, undivided. There is neither a conscious mind nor an unconscious mind; there are no such divisions. But before long the process of compartmentalization begins – because we will start teaching the child what is right and what is wrong, we will preach what is good and what is bad, what he should do and what he should not do.

“When we go on teaching the child, ‘You are not to do this, this is bad,’ what is the child to do? Nothing dies just because we categorize it as bad. We tell him that anger is bad. The child hears and understands, but the anger in him is not going to cease to exist just because we say it is bad – because anger is a natural instinct. The child has not learned to feel anger, he is born with it. Anger is as much a part of him as his body, his eyes, his hands. Nature uses anger. Anger is energy. Without anger the child will not survive. Anger will give him the strength for struggle in his life, anger will give him strength to stand up against conflict, anger will give him the drive. Anger is an unavoidable feature of his life’s journey.”

We say, “Sex is bad,” but sex is not something that has been learned from the books and movies; otherwise, how would the birds and beasts learn it? They don’t go to movies – though our so-called saints blame the movies for spoiling people – nor do they read sex literature, but sex is there. So the child is born with it. We say that sex is bad, and those people who say sex is bad have given birth to this child through their sex. Had there been no sex, the child would not be here. Each child is a living symbol of sex. Each and every cell of his body is constructed of particles of sex. His whole body is a crystallized form of sex. And we say it is bad! What is the child to do?

Osho Continues:

“For the baby, nothing is bad and nothing is good – yet. He has not even thought about such things, we implant such thinking in him. And we are powerful. We reward him for doing what we call right, and punish him for what we call wrong. And it is not only we who are labeling things as bad, the whole society is calling it wrong. The child is alone. He is very natural, but he is alone, weak, helpless; and he is dependent on those who are labeling these impulses as wrong. It is they who feed him and clothe him; they can beat him and punish him. What is the child to do?

“If ‘wrong’ could be finished with just by saying so, the child could be finished with his wrong impulses. But no, it is not finished, so the child begins to repress it. Repression begins, and whatever the parents and society call wrong the child pushes into the basement of his mind. And it is all this hidden away stuff that becomes the unconscious. This is how the unconscious is born. Whatever is kept in the back cellar the child has no wish to see, because if it is seen the child will become restless and troubled. So the child begins to create an inner blindness so that he cannot see the bad things in himself….

“What is the child to do? We have no idea of the child’s dilemma. The things that he has been told are bad are now hidden within himself; he stops looking at them, turns his back on them. It is this turning of the back that gives birth to the unconscious.”

Osho, Nowhere to Go but In, Talk #3 – The One, Undivided



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An opportunity to consciously explore, experience and express parts of ourselves that may be hidden, forgotten, or difficult to explore.

Osho Explains:

“These people are here because of life problems. They want to solve their living problems; they want to solve the mystery of life, not the fear of death. These people are here not in search of any God; they are here in search of their own being. They are here to know what truth is; not a truth of the scriptures, but something existential that they feel in love, that they feel in happiness, that they feel in sadness – that they can touch, that they can live, go into, feel, enjoy, dance about. They are in search of a celebration; they are in search of a dance.

“They are in search of the song that they feel is there in their heart, but they are not capable of singing it. They have not been able to find the way to allow this song to be expressed, to become manifest. They are in search of the fragrance that they are carrying, but they have lost contact with their source and they want to release this fragrance to the winds.

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Osho Continues:

“This is a totally different phenomenon. For these people, religion means simply to be more alive. These people are not serious people because seriousness is a disease. These people are in search of delight. Naturally, the whole approach is different, and I am interested only in these people. They will be coming by the thousands soon. They will come from all over the world; they will have to come. Whosoever is in search of celebration will have to come….

“Loving the other, by and by you are thrown back again and again to yourself. One day you realize that the search for the other outside is meaningless; it is doomed from the very beginning. Loving the other, looking into the eyes of the other, you are reflected again and again. Through the other is self-knowledge: the other functions as a mirror. Once you have realized it, you start settling into your aloneness….

“In fact, a well-rooted tree waits for the storm to come because that will be a challenge, and when the storm comes, the well-rooted tree knows how well-rooted it is and feels the strength, the vitality. The storm is not the enemy but a challenge which takes away all dust, which takes away all frustration, which takes away all sadness. And the tree starts celebrating again, feels alive to the very roots, becomes young again. Each storm makes the tree younger, again and again young….

“All of humanity is stuck, everybody is stuck. A cul-de-sac has come. Now evolution is not going to help. You will have to take the reins in your own hands – that’s what revolution is. And when you start evolving on your own, naturally you are taking great risks; it is a great adventure.”

Osho, Tao: The Pathless Path, Series 1, Talk #12 – All of Humanity at Stake



Whenever life energy is not flowing harmoniously we experience dis-ease – both in the physical body and on a psychological or emotional level. By allowing that energy to flow, harmony and well-being can become your natural state again.

Connect with the source of your aliveness, your joy, your spontaneity. Discover the source of your own natural healing energy, and whatever is blocking the flow of that energy. At the same time enjoy expanding your experience of sensitivity, trust, and awareness.

Osho Explains:

“Healing is one of the most delicate dimensions. And the delicacy consists in the healer not doing anything in it. The healer is not really a healer because he is not a doer. Healing happens through him. He has just to annihilate himself. To be a healer really means not to be. The less you are, the better healing will happen. The more you are, the more the passage is blocked. Existence or the totality or whatsoever name you prefer, is the healer. The whole is the healer.

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Osho Continues:

“The word healing comes from the same root as from where the word whole comes. Whole, health, healing, holy, all come from the same root. To be healed means to be joined with the whole. To be ill means to be disconnected with the whole. An ill person is one who has simply developed blocks between him and the whole, so something is disconnected. The function of the healer is to reconnect it. But when I say the function of the healer is to reconnect it, I don’t mean that the healer has to do something. The healer is just a function. The doer is existence, the whole….

“And that’s the whole problem of healing and the whole art – how to nullify yourself, how to become a void. But it will happen…. Everybody can become a healer. Healing is something like breathing; it is natural. Somebody is ill; it means he has lost his capacity to heal himself. He is no more aware of his own healing source. The healer is to help him to be rejoined. That source is the same from which the healer draws, but the ill man has forgotten how to understand the language of it. The healer is in relationship with the whole, so he can become a via-media. The healer touches the body of the ill person and becomes a link between him and the source. The patient is no longer connected directly with the source so he becomes indirectly connected. Once the energy starts flowing, he is healed.

“And if the healer is really a man of understanding…Because it is possible that you can become a healer and you may not be a man of understanding. There are many healers who go on doing it but they don’t know how it happens; they don’t know the mechanism of it. If you understand also, you can help the patient to be healed and you can help him to be aware of the source from where the healing is happening. So not only is he healed of his present illnesses, he is prevented from future illnesses. Then the healing is perfect. It is not only curative, it is also preventative.

“Healing almost becomes an experience of prayer, an experience of godliness, of love, of the whole.”

Osho, Beloved of My Heart, Talk #19 – Learn to Become a Void



All inner conflict is due to a misunderstanding between the conscious and the unconscious.

Hypnosis is a common everyday affair: when you drift off into a daydream on a train, or when you drive home and arrive with no memory of the journey. By allowing yourself to be guided into this same space intentionally, you can become aware of these misunderstandings that lie at the root of all inner conflict.

As you resolve these conflicts, inevitably an inner integrity evolves and your original, natural harmony returns.

Osho Explains:

“The unconscious never hears anything that the conscious is deciding, and the conscious cannot control the unconscious – the unconscious is so vast.

“The secret of hypnosis is that it takes you to the unconscious, and then you can put the seed of anything in the unconscious, and it will grow, blossom. The blossoming will happen in the conscious, but the roots will remain in the unconscious.

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Osho Continues:

“As far as I am concerned, hypnosis is going to be one of the most significant parts of the mystery school. Such a simple method, which only demands a little trust, a little innocence, can bring miraculous changes in your life – and not in ordinary things only. Slowly it can become the path of your meditation.

“You meditate, but you don’t succeed. You don’t succeed in watching; you get mixed up with thoughts, you forget watching. You remember later on, “I was going to watch, but I am thinking.” Hypnosis can help you; it can make the watcher and the thoughts separate. For spiritual growth I don’t think there is anything more important than hypnosis.”

Osho, Beyond Psychology, Chapter 44, Q 2


Life Issues

Explore the issues in your life. See them with fresh eyes. look deeply into any barriers that are preventing your natural intelligence from resolving any underlying conflicts. Create an opportunity to discover new possibilities for living blissfully.

Osho Explains:

“One cannot achieve bliss on one’s own. We can achieve misery but not bliss. We can do something to ourselves so that we fall sick. But healing does not happen through us, it happens through the whole, it comes from the beyond. Wounds we can create – that is within our power – but when the wound heals it is not you who is healing it. It heals by some mysterious energy. That mysterious energy is called godliness. It is only a name for all that is mysterious, and by mysterious I mean all that which is not comprehensible to reason.

“How a wound heals is a miracle, how the illness disappears and health comes back is a miracle. Even medical science accepts the fact that we can help the healing process but we cannot heal. We can remove the barriers, we can prepare the ground for the healing energy to function, but the healing energy does everything on its own….

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Osho Continues:

“One cannot achieve bliss on one’s own. We can achieve misery but not bliss. We can do something to ourselves so that we fall sick. But healing does not happen through us, it happens through the whole, it comes from the beyond. Wounds we can create – that is within our power – but when the wound heals it is not you who is healing it. It heals by some mysterious energy. That mysterious energy is called godliness. It is only a name for all that is mysterious, and by mysterious I mean all that which is not comprehensible to reason.

“How a wound heals is a miracle, how the illness disappears and health comes back is a miracle. Even medical science accepts the fact that we can help the healing process but we cannot heal. We can remove the barriers, we can prepare the ground for the healing energy to function, but the healing energy does everything on its own….

“The function for you is to remove all hindrances. That’s the work of the sannyasin – not to create barriers for the healing energy. For example, when the sun rises you can keep your eyes closed. You will remain in darkness, although the sun is there, available. But you have to open your eyes, and opening your eyes is just removing a small hindrance; the eyelid is just a small hindrance. You can keep your doors closed and then even in the full light of the day you will live in darkness. But you can open the door, you can open all the windows, and then the sun and the wind and the rain come in.

“That’s what we can do: we can open up to existence, we can become available to all the energies that are showering on us, and then healing happens on its own. It is always existence that heals. And bliss is the ultimate experience when you are totally healed, when nothing is missing, when one has come home.”

Osho, Going All the Way, Talk #13


Life and Death

We don’t know what death is, and our fear of death means we spend our lives looking for security in a world where change is the only constant, the future is unknowable, and security is not possible. Understanding death is the doorway to freedom.

Osho Explains:

“Death is the most misunderstood phenomenon. People have thought of death as the end of life. That is the first, basic misunderstanding.

“Death is not the end, but the beginning of a new life. Yes, it is an end of something that is already dead. It is also a crescendo of what we call life, although very few know what life is. They live, but they live in such ignorance that they never encounter their own life. And it is impossible for these people to know their own death, because death is the ultimate experience of this life, and the beginning experience of another. Death is the door between two lives; one is left behind, one is waiting ahead.

“There is nothing ugly about death; but man, out of his fear, has made even the word, death ugly and unutterable. People don’t like to talk about it. They won’t even listen to the word death.

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Osho Continues:

“The fear has reasons. The fear arises because it is always somebody else who dies. You always see death from the outside, and death is an experience of the innermost being. It is just like watching love from the outside. You may watch for years, but you will not come to know anything of what love is. You may come to know the manifestations of love, but not love itself. We know the same about death. Just the manifestations on the surface – the breathing has stopped, the heart has stopped, the man as he used to talk and walk is no more there: just a corpse is lying there instead of a living body.

“These are only outer symptoms. Death is the transfer of the soul from one body to another body, or in cases when a man is fully awakened, from one body to the body of the whole universe. It is a great journey, but you cannot know it from the outside. From outside, only symptoms are available; and those symptoms have made people afraid.

“Those who have known death from inside lose all fear of death. Instead of death being an ugly and fearful thing, it changes into one of the purest, most silent, and most sublime experiences. You experience yourself for the first time without your prison, the body, an experience of absolute freedom…unhampered, uncaged.

“This kind of death can be known in many ways. One is the usual way – but then you will not be here to report about it. You are gone. You have experienced, but the experience has also gone with you. Fortunately, there are other ways in which you can experience exactly what death is, and yet remain alive.

“Love is one. In total love, when you are not holding anything back, a kind of death happens. You are no more body, you are no more mind, you are pure spirit.

“In meditation, the same experience happens of bodilessness, mindlessness, and yet of absolute consciousness, of absolute aliveness.

“That’s why lovers never feel afraid of death.

“If a lover feels afraid of death, that indicates he has not known love. The meditators never feel afraid of death. If the meditator feels afraid of death it means he has not gone deep into meditation.

“There is only one depth that has to be touched, whether through love or through meditation or through creativity. The depth is that you are no longer your physical body, and you are no longer your mental body either – just a pure awareness, a pure sky without any clouds, unbounded. Even a simple glimpse into it and death becomes a glorious experience….

“This can be one of the greatest lessons: that if you want a glorious death, not an ugly and contemptible one, you should start living from this very moment. Totality should be your concern: living totally, burning your torch of life from both ends together. By the time you feel fulfilled, you will be able to die totally. You will not cling to life.

“I have seen many people die. They die like beggars, clinging; they don’t want to die because they have not lived yet, and death has come. But when there was life, they wasted it. Now that death has knocked on their doors they have become aware of the wastage of life.

“But a man who has lived totally will open the doors, will welcome death, because death is not your enemy. It is simply a change of house: from one body into another, from one form into another or, ultimately, from form to the formless life that surrounds the earth. A religious man not only lives religiously, he dies religiously. A man of art lives artfully, and lives not only artfully, but dies too with great art.”

Abridged from Osho, Zarathustra: A God That Can Dance, Talk #16 – Of Voluntary Death



Osho Explains:

“The basic fallacy that you are carrying within you is that you always loved somebody.

“This is one of the most significant things about all human beings; their love is always for somebody, it is addressed – and the moment you address your love, you destroy it. It is as if you are saying, “I will breathe only for you – and when you are not there, then how can I breathe?”

“Love should be like breathing. It should be just a quality in you – wherever you are, with whomsoever you are, or even if you are alone, love goes on overflowing from you. It is not a question of being in love with someone – it is a question of being love.

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Osho Continues:

“People are frustrated in their love experiences, not because something is wrong with love…they narrow down love to such a point that the ocean of love cannot remain there. You cannot contain the ocean – it is not a small stream; love is your whole being – love is your godliness. One should think in terms of whether one is loving or not. The question of the object of love does not arise. With your wife, you love your wife; with your children, you love your children; with your servants, you love your servants; with your friends, you love your friends; with the trees, you love the trees; with the ocean, you love the ocean.

“You are love.

“Love is not dependent on the object, but is a radiation of your subjectivity – a radiation of your soul. And the vaster the radiation, the greater is your soul. The wider spread are the wings of your love, the bigger is the sky of your being.

“You have lived under a common fallacy of all human beings. Now you are asking, “Am I able to love you?” – again, the same fallacy.

“Just ask: Am I able to become love?

“When you are in my presence, you need not think of loving me; otherwise, you have not come out of your ordinary fallacies. Here, you have to learn…just being loving. Of course your love will reach me too; it will reach others too. It will be a vibe surrounding you, spreading all over; and if so many people are simply broadcasting their love, their song, their ecstasy, the whole place becomes a temple. There is no other way of making a temple. Then the whole area is filled with a new kind of energy, and nobody is at a loss – because on you is showering the love of so many people: on each single person, so many people’s love is showering.

“Drop that fallacy. And because of that fallacy, another question arises in you: “…or has life brought me to the point where happiness in love does not happen anymore?” Life is nothing but an opportunity for love to blossom. If you are alive, the opportunity is there – even to the last breath. You may have missed your whole life: just the last breath, the last moment on the earth, if you can be love, you have not missed anything – because a single moment of love is equal to the whole eternity of love.”

Osho, The Rebellious Spirit, Talk #5



There are many OSHO Meditations, and OSHO Meditative Therapies like OSHO No-Mind,  which are specifically tailored for contemporary people: the most restless beings who have ever evolved on the earth. We are constantly busy with this and that. Stressed, anxious, worrying about tomorrow or yesterday, and never able to just be: relaxed in the present moment. Osho’s approach to meditation is perfectly designed for those of us who cannot be  still for one moment, let alone long enough to experience meditation.

Osho Explains:

“Mind separates, meditation unites. Mind functions as a wall, meditation functions as a bridge. Meditation simply means a state of no-mind; slipping out of the mind and the games of the mind is the whole art of meditation. And it is not a difficult thing – we have just never tried it, that’s why it appears difficult. We have always lived in the mind so we don’t know that there is a way to live beyond the mind too.

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Osho Continues:

“Once you have taken even a single step out of the mind you will be surprised; you were living unnecessarily in a prison. There was nobody guarding the door, you were not chained, you were just not aware that there is a beyond too. And the way out of the mind is to become aware of the mind and its mechanism, memory, imagination, thoughts, desires, fantasies – the traffic is there, continuously going on. You have just to stand by the side and watch whatsoever is passing, with no judgment, with no evaluation; just a silent mirror reflecting whatsoever is passing by. Not even making any comments that this is good, this is bad, that this is not so good, that this should not be or should be – without any commentary, just watching.

“In the beginning it seems difficult because our habit is of continuously commenting, but just a little patience, sitting silently, doing nothing, just watching; it comes. And when it comes it opens a totally new dimension. You can see the whole mind passing by and then you know that you are not the mind, because the one who is seeing the mind passing by cannot be the mind. The observer cannot be the observed – and that is the moment you are out of the mind. That is the moment a tremendous freedom comes. One is no longer confined to anything. The imprisoned splendor is released; and life begins only then. Before that we are just living a so-called life, lukewarm, with no intensity, with no passion, with no totality.”

Osho, The Old Pond…Plop!, Talk #17



Regain harmony and balance in all your relating – feel the power of being present to what is happening here and now and of remaining true to who you really are.

Relating to others can help us discover who we really are; or it can be a set of compromises and dependencies that help us maintain the illusion of the ego – the person we have been told we are by others, from birth.

Osho Explains:

“Love is always beautiful in the beginning because you don’t bring your destructive energies into it. In the beginning you bring your positive energies into it – both pool their energies positively, the thing goes simply fantastically. But then by and by the negative energies will start overflowing; you cannot hold them back forever. And once you have finished with your positive energy, which is very small…and the negative is very big. The positive is just a small quantity, so within days the honeymoon is over and then comes the negative. Then hell opens its doors and one cannot understand what has happened – such a beautiful relationship, why is it on the rocks?

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Osho Continues:

“If one is alert from the very beginning, it can be saved. So pour your positive energies into it, but remember that sooner or later the negative will start coming in. When the negative starts coming in you have to release the negative alone. Go into a room, release the negative; there is no need to throw it on the other person.

“If you want to scream and shout and be angry, go into a room, shout, be angry, beat the pillow. Because nobody should be so violent as to throw things on other people. They have not done anything wrong to you, so why should you throw things on them? It is better to throw all that is negative into the dustbin.

“If you remain alert, you will be surprised to see that it can be done; and once the negative is released, again the positive is overflowing.

“The negative can be released together only very late in a relationship – when the relationship has become very established – and then too it should be done as a therapeutic measure. When the two partners of a relationship have become very very alert, very positive, have become consolidated as one being and are able now to tolerate – and not only tolerate but use the other’s negativity – they have to come to an agreement that now they will be negative together also, as a therapeutic measure.

“Then too my suggestion is to let it be very conscious, not unconscious; let it be very deliberate. Make it point that every night for one hour you will be negative with each other – let it be a game – rather than being negative anywhere, any time. Because people are not so alert – for twenty-four hours they are not alert – but for one hour you can both sit together and be negative. And then it will be a game, it will be like a group. After one hour you are finished with it and you don’t carry the hangover, you don’t bring it into your relationship.

“The first step: the negative should be released alone. The second step: the negative should be released at a particular time with the agreement that you are both going to release the negative. At the third stage only should one become natural, and then there is no need to be afraid. Then you can be negative and positive and both are beautiful – but only at the third stage.

“If in the first stage you start feeling that now anger comes no more – you sit before the pillow, anger does not come. It will come for months, but one day you will find that it is no more flowing, it has become meaningless, you cannot be angry alone. Then the first stage is over. But wait for the other person also to feel whether his first stage is over or not. If his is also over, the second stage starts. Then for one or two hours – whether morning or evening, you can decide – you become negative, deliberately. It is a psychodrama, it is very impersonal.

“You don’t hit hard – you hit, but still you don’t hit the person. In fact you are simply throwing out your negativity. You are not accusing the other, you are not saying ‘You are bad’; you are simply saying ‘I am feeling that you are bad.’ You are not saying ‘You insulted me,’ you say ‘I feel insulted’ That is totally different, it is a deliberate game ‘I am feeling insulted, so I will throw out my anger. You are closest to me so please function as an excuse for me’…and the same is done by the other.

“A moment will come when again you will find that this deliberate negativity does not function any more. You sit for one hour: nothing comes to you, nothing comes to him. Then that second stage is over.

“Now the third stage – and the third stage is the whole of life. Now you are ready to be negative and positive; you can be spontaneous.

Osho, For Madmen Only, Talk #12 



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