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Dealing with anger – meditatively

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“By and by, you will see that the more you understand anger, the less it happens. And when you understand it perfectly, it disappears.”  Osho

Many of us feel there is a lot to be angry about in today’s world. We feel disempowered in the face of unprecedented disasters and growing social fragmentation, and by the seeming unwillingness of our leaders to do anything to mitigate these problems.
This course is not about changing our outer reality directly, instead we will focus on enhancing our access to the many inner resources we often overlook. We will explore ways to remain at the “center of the cyclone” so that we can respond from a place of clarity, rather than reacting, to life’s challenges.
The key element in the course’s approach to anger is awareness. This means becoming more conscious of what triggers our anger, how it affects our bodymind, and how we may unconsciously seek to manipulate others with anger. We will explore the difference between reaction and response, and discuss our insights into the dynamics of anger. e.g. how certain “triggers” set it in motion.

Getting to the roots of anger

“You should not try to stop anger. You should not, in any way, keep the anger controlled, otherwise it will burn you, it will destroy you. What I am saying is: you have to go to the roots. The root is always some desire which has been blocked, and the frustration has created the anger.”  Osho

We will experiment with diverse meditative techniques that allow our awareness to continue to expand to ever deeper levels. Then, rather than being overwhelmed by anger, in denial of it, or “sitting on it,” we can become masters of our emotional world.
Osho’s insights will provide both practical guidance and a reminder of the bigger picture – who we are beyond all our ups and downs.


All energy can be changed and can be transformed. And what appears to you to be bad can be transformed into something fragrant, something beautiful.”  Osho

Unresolved anger can distort our perception of reality and create unconscious behavior patterns that disrupt our relationships. The physical and emotional tension that results from stored anger also underlies a variety of physical and psychological problems. Studies have linked anger to chronic anxiety, depression, eating disorders, sleep disorders, obsessive-compulsive behavior and phobias.

In How to Deal with Anger, we will explore the following topics:

  • The nature and dynamics of anger and how to recognize its presence
  • Identifying your own personal triggers
  • Being with anger without harming yourself, others or your environment
  • Overcoming the shame and guilt that can result from an outburst of anger
  • Appreciating the difference between a mechanical reaction and a conscious response
  • Becoming a master of your inner world, rather than being a slave to your emotions
  • Redirecting the energy of anger into creative expression


  • a variety of meditative strategies that will give you an understanding of anger and allow you to release its energy in non-destructive, even creative ways.
  • ways to stay centered in the face of another person’s anger.
  • techniques to release your anger in private that include expression, but also go beyond expression.
  • how to reclaim the knack of disidentification.
  • the art of “turning in” from your peripheral self – where all the dramas happen – to the unchanging, inner sanctum of expanded awareness and peace within.


  • A LIVE online course. Saturday and Sunday. Two 3-hour sessions each day with breaks
  • Techniques that you can use in your everyday life to deal with anger
  • Directions regarding OSHO Meditations that may support you at this stage of your journey

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Course approach

  • Meditation
  • Issues

About Maneesha


Maneesha’s sessions – on meditation, all life-related issues and those around dying – are based on her 47 years’ experience of meditation. In addition, she spent seven years in Osho’s evening meetings (“darshan”), observing and recording his conversations with seekers from all over the world. This unique opportunity provided her with a passion for experimenting with meditative techniques and an invaluable learning in responding to a vast range of issues from a meditative perspective.

The experience of twenty-plus years as an international meditation-based course facilitator continues to broaden her understanding, love, and respect for those she works with.

More about Maneesha

“The psychology of anger is that you wanted something, and somebody prevented you from getting it. Somebody came as a block, as an obstacle. Your whole energy was going to get something and somebody blocked the energy. You could not get what you wanted.
Now this frustrated energy becomes anger – anger against the person who has destroyed the possibility of fulfilling your desire.
You cannot prevent anger, because anger is a by-product, but you can do something else so that the by-product does not happen at all.”
- Osho

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