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The Key is Turning Up for Our Own Lives

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If you can sit for an hour without any thoughts and are never disturbed by any emotions, then this course is definitely not for you!

This is for the rest of us – who find this simple doorway to joy is still out of reach.

Osho wonders how we manage to avoid such a natural phenomenon. He even talks about a time when “it will become a very ordinary human experience,” and that “among millions of people, perhaps one should miss.”

How is this happening? What are we not understanding? Do we even understand the true meaning of “understanding”?

If it is a natural phenomenon to be joyful and to live a fulfilled life, then clearly, we are “doing” something to prevent this from happening.

How is this “doing” preventing us from just being present and turning up for our own life? Life is so short – why do we delay?

In these 8 weeks, we are going to dig into this puzzle together and find out how to allow ourselves to see and experience the obvious.

For example:

Why can’t we just relax? The whole of nature relaxes except us.

Why do so many of us have trouble sleeping, or are anxious, or depressed?

Why do we allow others to upset us? Making us angry or fearful, and unhappy?

Do we even know what it means to respect ourselves, let alone love ourselves?

Why is even accepting ourselves so difficult?

And where is all this loneliness coming from?

We are the only species that can laugh, not to mention laugh at ourselves. So, why do we instead take ourselves so seriously? It is just one more dis-ease we don’t need!

And how did we get into this pickle in the first place?

And if all these barriers to our well-being are something we are “doing” what does non-doing even mean?

You will discover that Osho is offering a truly unique approach to unraveling knots we all manage to create in our lives.

Once we have the key to extracting ourselves from this mess, the journey becomes a dance!

We will use a simple daily awareness exercise, that becomes a little more challenging each week. We will use that experience to thoroughly examine what it means to be in the present moment. Here rather than not here! – why we keep choosing the latter!

We are going to view and explore 7 different videos, to be watched at home between each of the 8 sessions. We will then discover how the approaches in each video provide everything we need to become self-sufficient on this journey. This will allow us to take this same quality of being present, relaxed, and joyful into every aspect of our daily lives.

Whether you are a meditator or not, or have never heard of Osho, we are all missing something that is naturally ours! If living joyfully and living life to the full appeals to you, then join us on this 8-week adventure.

If we have a passion for the impossible, anything is possible!

“I am not giving you a certain character or a certain style of life, but only an insight, an awareness, so that you can decide your lifestyle, so that you can live in your own light. And the moment you start living in your own light, bliss is yours.”  Osho


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About Amrito MD

Amrito MD

Amrito MD is an English- and US-trained physician who specialized originally in internal medicine before studying meditation as a basis for exploring holistic approaches to wellbeing.

He was Osho’s personal physician, taking care of his body for many years including the final days.

As a meditator and a scientist for many decades, Amrito has enjoyed following and writing about the increasing acceptance of meditation by the scientific community and the general public.

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