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“Meditation is simply a knocking on the doors of intuition; intuition is also completely ready; it does not grow; you have inherited that too from existence.”  Osho

Intuition – the key to a life of freedom and spontaneity
Intuition is a way of bypassing the judgements of the ego and the rigid perspective of the logical mind – a way to a relax and to stop having to work everything out in advance. It is a way to escape the compulsive need for control that the ego and the logical mind imposes on us.
Opening to Intuition is an opportunity to rediscover your intuition in a playful, safe environment. An invitation to live from the clarity and simplicity of the heart – a precious way to meet yourself and others, and a useful tool for relating with people in work or play.

“With the ego you will always interpret, you cannot know the truth. With the ego you will always be there interpreting in subtle ways and your interpretation is not the truth. You are the medium of all falsification. Through you everything becomes false. When you are not there, the true reflects.”

Intuition, the reflection of truth

Living from intuition requires courage at first, but with practice, we start to see that it is safer than we first thought. For the first time, we are seeing reality with mirror like clarity, from a place of stability.
The course involves exercises and meditations that help us to move from the mind to the body, and from there to the sensitivity and stability of the heart. And it is from the perspective of the heart that we access our intuition.
We will work individually, in pairs, and as a group – experimenting with our innate ability to read the energy of those around us and learning to trust our own vision and feelings. You will gain confidence from the feedback and the support of the group.


Clarity of vision – the only real security
We come into the world with clear-eyed intuition, but soon learn that seeing the truth in a world full of hypocrisy is not safe – we lose contact with the still small voice inside that is so essential to our ability to navigate the world openly and honestly.
To live from intuition is to live in meditation and learning to use our intuition enhances our ability to remain calm and centered even in the most challenging situations. To trust that we are not blinded by a cloud of complex thoughts – that we are seeing truly – is the greatest and only real security we can have in this insecure world.
As you integrate the processes you learn in this course more fully over time, you will not need to make a conscious decision to connect with your intuition, you will be living from your own unclouded vision, from the cool, calm space of love and joy that is your inner being.


The techniques you will learn in the Opening to Intuition course can transform your life. No more anxious decision making – you can relax into the stream of spontaneous living.

The Opening to Intuition course is an opportunity to learn by experiencing

  • to move from thought to intuition, confidently and easily.
  • the importance of relaxing into your body and giving credence to its messages.
  • that there are no fixed answers, no ultimate shoulds.
  • that your intuition takes into account everything relevant to a decision, so that you can stop second-guessing yourself all the time.


  • A LIVE online weekend course. Saturday and Sunday. Approximately 3 hours a day
  • Techniques you can use to reconnect with your inner wisdom in everyday life – especially when you need to make an important decision
  • Directions regarding OSHO Meditations that may support you at this stage of your journey
  • Group sharing
  • Q&A with the therapist

Course requirements: A4 paper and color pencils

OSHO Dynamic, OSHO Kundalini Meditation and the OSHO Evening Meeting are essential parts of any course booked on OIO and if you haven’t already done so, please make sure you have subscribed to iOSHO prior to the course starting. Once subscribed you will be able to do the meditations in the time and place suggested by the facilitator. Currently there is a free, 7-day trial, available. If the course you’ve booked is longer than 7 days, we suggest that you subscribe for one month.


Course approach

  • Meditation
  • Issues

About Asmita MD

Asmita MD

Asmita was originally a children’s doctor and realized that those tiny people have so many innate qualities that we adults seem to lose in the process of “growing up.”
She switched over to a different world of healing, where wholeness became the essence of health.
Perhaps the most valuable quality that she realized that we can all rediscover is intuition.

More about Asmita


“One who trusts in the whole existence also trusts in himself, because he is part of the whole. He listens to his heart's voice and follows it. Unafraid he goes with his heart. He trusts his intuition. And once you have known the art of how to listen to your intuition, you will be surprised: intellect can err, intuition never errs – it is infallible. It always directs you in the right course of action.” - Osho

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