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An in-depth exploration of what it means to be a woman

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“There is a point of awareness, understanding, vision, where your man and woman inside meet, mingle, and disappear into each other.”  Osho

An exploration of the mature feminine: a union of opposites
The Power of the Feminine explores what it means to be a woman who embraces all aspects of herself – an exploration of the different parts of ourselves that may appear as opposites. It is a journey into the feminine qualities of love, grace, nurturing and compassion, and at the same time a journey to reconnect with our strength, our courage, our fierceness and our voice. It is a time for healing the centuries old rejection of the feminine, so that we can experience our true power.
This course is an opportunity to face, to embrace and to celebrate our light and our darkness, our need for boundaries and our capacity for intimacy and connection.

Learning to love every part of you

“…just as the bird has two wings and you have two legs, in your head there are two brains contradicting each other and complementing each other: the left brain and the right brain, reason and intuition, the feminine and the masculine. And there is a possibility of a synthesis. This synthesis is the goal of all religion, of all mysticism, of all yoga. Yoga means meeting, meeting of the opposites. It is a union.”  Osho

In an atmosphere of trust and acceptance we will explore female archetypes from both eastern and western traditions, guided inner journeys, body movements and other techniques to explore our own unique individuality and uncover aspects of ourselves previously unacknowledged. We will share our insights with each other and celebrate in music and dance.


Transform yourself, and transform your world – effortlessly
We live in a lopsided world where unbalanced masculinity is putting our very survival and the wellbeing of our beautiful planet in danger. For too long we women have been torn between being true to our feminine nature, or giving up and becoming imitation men. A precious few have integrated their masculine and feminine sides – they are the new woman, the total women.
The total woman has both the strength and the compassion to nurture the transformation of our world into something new and wonderful, a heaven on earth. The secret is, that once you have transformed yourself in this way, your influence on your surroundings becomes effortless – simply being your authentic self becomes the catalyst for a sigh of relief and increased relaxation in those around you. And in an uptight world this is pure gold.


You will learn through the experiences of this course:

  • How to recognize when you are betraying your authenticity out of the desire to avoid confrontation
  • The courage to be yourself and to speak truth
  • The importance of self-nurturance
  • Not to judge yourself by the standards of a sick culture
  • To see past the straitjacket of conformity that cripples individuality
  • To respond from your true nature without the need for complex strategies


  • Directions regarding OSHO Meditations that may support you at this stage of your journey
  • Group sharing
  • Q&A with the therapist

OSHO Dynamic, OSHO Kundalini Meditation and the OSHO Evening Meeting are essential parts of any course booked on OIO and if you haven’t already done so, please make sure you have subscribed to iOSHO prior to the course starting. Once subscribed you will be able to do the meditations in the time and place suggested by the facilitator. Currently there is a free, 7-day trial, available. If the course you’ve booked is longer than 7 days, we suggest that you subscribe for one month.


Course approach

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About Ritu


Ritu a practicing holistic counselor, is a facilitator in the Path of Love Retreat, a biodynamic craniosacral therapist, who specializes in trauma resolution by the Somatic-Experiencing method.

Since her first meeting with Osho in 1978 her whole life has revolved around his teachings and his meditations. Cleaning the unconscious, as Osho suggests, has informed both her personal exploration and now, her work with people.

More about Ritu

"The man and the woman are not really two separate entities, but the personality of the man needs the supporting qualities of the woman. If those supporting qualities are not there, the man will fall apart. And the same will happen to the woman. She cannot exist only on female qualities, she needs male supporting qualities. So, each human being is a composite whole of two polarities which appear opposed to each other but are not really opposed; they are basically, absolutely essential components of each other." - Osho

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