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But What Is Quality Time?

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Stress is everywhere in our modern world. The demands of parenting can make that stress even harder to manage.

So, would spending a few minutes doing nothing, without any distractions every day be helpful?

Of course, but where to find the time in a busy schedule?

Would you also love to find the time to spend with your kids?

Supposing we combine both of these? Would that help?

That is the basis of this course.

It has long been known that the way the parents and their children interact is fundamental to the child’s development. But what is it exactly that the child needs from you?

The whole situation can become even more complicated when that first only child discovers they have a brother or a sister!

There is some uncertainty they want to resolve. Without that, they may be either constantly craving your attention at one extreme or becoming distant and withdrawn at the other.

In this course, we are going to give you a very simple way of spending time with yourself and with your child for just a short time every day. Then you can discover that no matter how busy you are, the quality of that time spent together gives the child or children what they need.

They relax. And you relax! The more you relax, the more they relax.


About Amrito MD

Amrito MD

Amrito MD is an English- and US-trained physician who specialized originally in internal medicine before studying meditation as a basis for exploring holistic approaches to wellbeing.

He was Osho’s personal physician, taking care of his body for many years including the final days.

As a meditator and a scientist for many decades, Amrito has enjoyed following and writing about the increasing acceptance of meditation by the scientific community and the general public.

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