A big big Thank You

A big big Thank You from the heart for the wonderful course.
I am excited and looking forward to the ongoing process 😊
As indicated by Osho’s words, loving myself will be at the top of the list of self-hypnosis goals.

It was a very interesting

It was a very interesting experience because I love to dance, and it felt like an easy yet deep way to dive into myself. Dancing together with other people was a great experience, and being able to do it online worked perfectly!

Dancing together online had an

Dancing together online had an amazing effect on me…an unexpected ease and a sense of instant community with people dancing their lives on screen. I dance often, but here I could express my feelings in a way that brought tears to my eyes. I felt understood like never before, without words, only through my movements.

Liberating and unlocking emotional blockages

Primal mirror 🪞has given me a newfound energy & clarity in dealing with most intense emotions & beliefs. Bela’s loving presence, endearing passion, & experience create a sense of safety and containment, providing a solid foundation for this process. I am rewarded with a simple yet powerful tool to connect with my inner child, which is incredibly fulfilling & liberating! This realization of the importance of connecting with my inner child marks a significant milestone in my self-healing and transformation as an individual. A palpable softness with crystal clarity describes my state of being!💫

This workshop has benefitted me

This workshop has benefitted me so much. I have always struggled with posture and walking with ease. This course has helped me with my posture, how I move and walk but mostly feeling a beautiful ease in myself and slowing down into a beautiful way of being. I recommend this course enormously. It has helped my physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing.

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