The experience has been a

The experience has been a great surprise! At first I was not too convinced but I decided to give it a try and each day ended up being a different experience. If you let go, it is surprising what can come out of your mind. It is a cleansing that really works.
Thank you so much for sharing!

Every time I took this

Every time I took this course, my body responded beautifully to the exercises. I was amazed by how simple yet detailed instructions were quickly absorbed and put into practice. My posture while standing, sitting, and walking feels more natural, easier, and tension-free. Every morning, I do my exercises from the course, it helps me to start the day feeling aligned with my body. This new way is part of my daily life now. I recommend this course to all, even those with strong, muscular bodies. It was great to see how the connection between conscious and unconscious mind worked in a positive way.

Loved this class. An invitation

Loved this class. An invitation to relax into my own authentic body alignment rather than stretch and strain into an idea of what my body should be like. My body remembers as I move through the day. Thank you.

I was looking forward to

I was looking forward to this course. I spend most of my day sitting behind the computer and tension builds up. With simple exercises from this course, I discovered how to stand, sit, walk, keep my head up, and at the same time be completely relaxed, yet stable without effort. No backache, my neck doesn’t feel frozen, and tennis elbow hurts much less 🙂 Definitely recommending it to everyone!

Very beautiful: profound yet light.

Very beautiful: profound yet light. Maneesha and Sudheer guided us wonderfully in meditations, discussions and what a privilege to hear the stories of others and share that witnessing space with them. It’s become easier to speak normally with friends and family about conscious dying and a friend here is organising a dinner party for people to discuss and make out their advanced care directives together!

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