Much needed workshop in this crazy times and meticulously crafted workshop for modern times.

I thoroughly enjoyed the the workshop and I feel it is a well designed workshop. The workshop has a balance with Osho quotes, Meditations, discussions, dance. The format is easy to digest and lucid. Well designed content and Maneesha put in a lot of effort on the content which is very effective practically. I am reactionary in response. The course taught me lot of immensely valuable tools and techniques. Since 2 weeks from workshop, in few incidents in my office recently I see the pattern of anger triggered and I was able to watch and respond calmly using the techniques learned from workshop.

An essential introduction to power of voice & how to express voice.

This course was the first opportunity to actually experience that my voice good enough to sing. Although I enjoyed high school choir I was excused for horseplay because of a dumb teenage stunt.
Singing ‘freely’ caused uncertainty when stares came my way, so I never felt confident in singing or even in my normal speaking voice.
Sadhana is a gem of a facilitator! Her demonstrations somehow gave me and my voice the power of self-confidence. I’ll keep an eye out for her future courses.

I felt a sense of

I felt a sense of relief because finally, I found a place that fully embraces emotions, especially anger, and in such a way that it is totally accepted as it is and is given space for transformation to happen (without judgement or repression). I learnt different techniques to “be with anger”, rather than to fight with it, throw it on others or to feel ashamed because of expressing it. In our group work, of course I couldn’t see others meditating, but the safe atmosphere surrounding all of us encouraged me to be myself, and to have the courage to be with the fire of anger. I just want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for those wonderful moments together; it is always beautiful to do this kind of work which is so human and joyful. 🙂

It felt good to deal with anger

I love the fact that OSHO’s work can continue like this. Finally it feels like I had a breakthrough doing this group that was very thorough in its explanation and full of helpful advice on how to deal with anger.
I have benefitted from the instructions and I am glad I took notes as recommended. I feel as if I am more aware of my tendencies towards anger and after this course my understanding of my anger is so much deeper.
Maneesha asked us to say something about the group since it was the first time it was held. I don’t know if there should be more of something or less of something. It was an intense program, and all the angles that needed to be covered were covered. The active meditations were really special with great instruction and lots encouragement along the way.

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