Yours joyfully…

Beloved Amrito,
Active meditation techniques have worked wonders for me in the past few years so that I could let out my repressed emotions and use that energy to be blissful. But I have always struggled with how to live with right-mindfulness in day-to-day life and especially at work. Thank you so much for this course which has made that right-mindfulness possible in a playful and juicy way. I loved the content, presentation, and timing of the course and heartfully recommend it to everyone who is seeking deepening meditation in their day-to-day routine life – joyfully.
Yours joyfully,

Longing to turn up for your life?

A contagious wake-up call offering tools to step out of the not-always-so-merry-go-round of the mind so that we can find joy in life in witness mode before our bells toll.
Heartfelt gratitude for a caring and playful transmission of the light that rekindles deep longing.  ❤️

Course on body, relaxation and more

The course provides a detailed explanation with Osho quotes, on how to get relaxation. How, when we bring our awareness to the body and its sensation, we are getting relaxed. The same process is applied to sleep.
Very good voice guidance by Amrito takes us along five minutes of meditation every week. His jokes, fun, his insights, his sharing of a few discussions and experiences with Osho are remarkable.
Many more details about meditations, his own insights, and many insights from Osho are all part of his talk every week.
For people new to meditation, it is also a very detailed starting point.

The most amazing course with Amrtio

Thank you so much. This was one of the finest, most interesting courses — loving and confronting, in such an honest and authentic way — with of course just the right dash of humor inserted as needed…. I loved this joyful ride very much.

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