Highly recommended

It was a very interesting and moving course. The mentor was really prepared and made this workshop worth taking. She created a very nice pace making all the participants share their experiences and giving important feedback. Many meditations were shared that will naturally enhance our ability to relax and learn how to deal with fears. I am very thankful for her sharing all her expertise where I learnt many techniques and meditations that will help me in my spiritual growth.


The course was very nourishing. Maneesha is a gentle facilitator, very sensitive and intuitive. The way she repeats others sharings helped me a lot (language and all).
Dealing with fear is an issue for me. And in the course I was reminded of small meditation techniques I knew already but had forgotten and I learned new once. Like protective aura, or giving energy to the hara. The course took care about dancing, was great music, to the change with sitting .
Thank you!

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