Relating with myself and others

Sitting in a course of Bela is already a guarantee for truth, heart and depth to be present throughout the experience. These three qualities allowed me to comfortably and trustingly take a deeper look at the way I relate, my patterns with intimacy and the most important thing for me – the way these same outer relationships exist within me. It gave me the tools and courage to step out again into relating with myself and others, having a clearer understanding of what I do to prevent intimacy in my life and what I can do to support myself in taking steps towards real and honest intimacy, as my heart truly longs for.

Bringing more intimacy into my life

During this course I got a deeper understanding of my parents’ relationship and the example they set for me growing up of what a relationship is supposed to look like. I got to feel and understand how this dynamic still plays out in my life. Bela has this beautiful ability to help you find your own truth. She helped me connect with this longing I have for intimacy and what I can do to bring more of it into my life.

Opening to Intimacy is a beautiful course

Opening to Intimacy is a beautiful course. This was the first course I have ever taken part in and I found it so rewarding and enlightening. Bela is a brilliant facilitator and created a safe space for all of us to open up and share our insights and experiences which allowed us all to access truths about ourselves we had not before. Bela is incredibly insightful – there were many a-ha moments! The course is a good mix of group work and sharing, partner work and solo introspection. Despite it being virtual, I felt really connected to the other participants which helped us all be true to ourselves, which is such a crucial part of intimacy. Thank you, Bela!

This is for you

If you fear intimacy like I did, but yearn it too, this is for you. Bela is compassionate, insightful like an arrow and has created an intelligent structure that helped me see my patterns avoiding Intimacy. Being online did not take away from the healing effects.

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